We are excited to help supply members of the Winnemucca Police Department with Armor Carriers. You will be receiving a Black Bothell Carrier w/Grey POLICE and Name ID Patches. Depending on your existing Armor Panels make and size - you will either receive a 6501 Bothell (most likely) or 2.0 Bothell.


If you DO NOT want new Armor, you can go HERE to order the Carrier and Patches - Cost is $223 plus shipping.

Armor Panels: If you would like to purchase your new Carrier with matching Armor Panels, we can offer the following options for the Front and Rear Ballistic Panels. Please note that these are only available in the Safariland 2.0 style and will come with a 2.0 Bothell Carrier. The 6501 Bothell is not an option with new Safariland armor panels.

Summit Level II = $650 (panels only)

Summit Level IIIA = $800 (panels only)

SX Level II = $700 (panels only)

SX Level IIIA = $900 (panels only)

Further options include the following:

Add M1 Concealable Carrier = $85

Add 7X9 IMPAC HT Special Threat Plate = $100

If you would like to order new Armor, you can go HERE to order with a 2.0 Bothell Carrier and Patches - Cost starts at $873 plus shipping.