Paradise PD Armor Carrier Special Order (Navy Blue)

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6501 navy 2.jpg
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Paradise PD Armor Carrier Special Order (Navy Blue)

from 195.00


Your order will take up to 12 weeks to deliver once placed.

PLEASE DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS PAGE unless you are with Paradise PD and have been directed to do so.

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ID Patches:
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Safariland 6501 Bothell Armor Carrier in Navy Blue = $195.00

  • ATLAS Embroidered Patch Set = $35.00

  1. Front; (1) Officer’s “NAME” (1) “POLICE”, ”ANIMAL CONTROL”, or “COMMUNITY SERVICE OFFICER” Both on 1X5 Black Patch w/Velcro Backing and Yellow Gold Font Thread

  2. Back; (1) “POLICE”, ”ANIMAL CONTROL”, or “COMMUNITY SERVICE OFFICER” on 4X8 Navy Patch w/Velcro Backing Yellow Gold Font Thread

Authorized Accessories. Click here for jump to product page and add to your Cart. Please select "Black" for any with color choices:

  • Bianchi AccuMold Dual Handcuff Case = $28.00

  • Bianchi AccuMold Universal Slimline Radio Holder = $29.50

  • Bianchi AccuMold Taser Cartridge Holder = $20.00 - POLICE ONLY

  • Bianchi AccuMold OC Spray Holder = $18.50

  • Bianchi AccuMold Dual Handgun 9MM Magazine Pouch = $29.00 - POLICE ONLY

  • Safariland TP10A Dual Handgun .45 ACP Magazine Pouch = $30.00 - POLICE ONLY

  • Safariland MOLLE P62 - Horizontal Utility Pouch, 6" X 4" = $30.00

  • Safariland MOLLE TP33 - Tourniquet Pouch = $30.00

The above Bianchi AccuMold & Safariland accessories are authorized for use and can be configured to the officer’s preference for duty use. Not all accessories are required nor will fit on the OVC. Generally pick five (5) from the listed accessories, examples; Dbl Handcuff, Utility Pouch, Pepper Spray, Magazine & Radio Holder.