Matt Lombard and the ATLAS story

Matt moved to Southern CA in 1999, fell backward into the LE equipment industry, and quickly learned the thrill and pride in supporting first responders. Well-respected mentors in CA and later in WA prepared him for the move home to OR in 2004 and the creation of LEED Oregon City. Matt spent the next 11 years traveling the NW and running the well-respected cop shop in Oregon City. In 2012, Matt Lombard formed ATLAS Consulting Group, LLC. ATLAS sought to fill gaps in the shop's product offering with locally-designed and hand-crafted gear solutions and provide a future home for Matt with the owners of LEED working toward retirement. In 2015, LEED closed its doors for good and Matt shifted focus to ATLAS full-time. 

"What's with the beetle?"

It's an Atlas Beetle, picked for the company by Matt's sons, then 5 and 3. Despite their size, beetles are among the strongest creatures on Earth and hard-core survivors. That matches his vision of the company. Unassuming, yet expertly effective. Underestimated, yet tough and efficient. You know - STRONG, LIKE BEETLE